Sunday, January 28, 2007

Brain Mush

29 JAN 07

I have possibly the worst week ahead of me. We are so short staffed that all physicians will be covering two services. Teaching will suffer (we have 19 residents). It’s all about getting the work done this week. On top of this, I have one doctor who threatened to quit if I don’t give her additional time off to go see her grandma in Florida. Nice. My tendency is to say, “Don’t let the hospital door hit you on the bottom on the way out.”

The problem is, if she leaves, I go from desperate to desperation.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. My 9 year old just requested that I get my guitar and sing him a goodnight song. I don’t know how many more nights I’ll be able to do this before it becomes… uncool.

I think it’s either Puff the Magic Dragon, or Volcano (he’s a Parrothead like me).


Anonymous said...

Puff!!! I love Puff! It would seem he's gotten over his desire to hear Desperado before bed? Good thing. That's a really long song. Even better, he was too young to realize that I had to fake my way through playing that one on the guitar because I didn't know it.

DrChako said...

LOL - He did an end-around and wanted Leader of the Band by Fogelberg. Cool by me - I think it's one of my better songs, even thought it's just as long as Desperado. I wish we had recorded Jared singing it when he was two. He called it, "Sip-a-wata" (sounds like Sip of Water, but when you say it outloud, you can hear Desperado).