Friday, January 19, 2007

I Have a Big Mouth

19 JAN 07

Seriously. It’s a problem I’ve had my whole life. I remember my dad catching me in an obvious lie. It never would have been found out if I’d just kept my mouth shut, but no. I just kept talking and talking until he realized that I was trying to tell him something without actually saying it. I’m great at keeping other people’s secrets. Some secrets I’ve kept my whole life, even after any implied statute of limitations would have reasonably expired.

I just can’t keep my own.

It is with this knowledge that I can tell you about a small problem at work. Normal people (and here I’m thinking about Iggy – although I’m not sure that term applies to poker-playing dwarves) are probably smart enough not to mention their poker hobby to their colleagues. We all know what happened to Bobby Bracelet when his contemporaries found out about his blog. The lesson here is – keep work and play separate.

But I have a big mouth.

Somehow, I’ve managed to let everyone at work know that I’m a poker player. Thank goodness I’ve been able to keep my blog private. Well, I’m sure someone knows about it. After all, this is a military computer, and I have a Word document on my desktop called, “Poker Blog.” Regular readers (all two of you) know that I occasionally talk about my coworkers – sometimes in a not-so-great light.

My boss just invited me to go play poker at his house tonight. He actually said that he wasn’t going to invite me because it was supposed to be a friendly game, and he didn’t want to bring in the “ringer.”

Maybe if I let him read the blog, he wouldn’t worry so much.


Anonymous said...

I have a big mouth too. It's in the genes. People at work don't know about my blog either. Mostly, if I mention coworkers at all, it's in a positive light. But occasionally I vent my frustrations and if any coworkers read my blog, they would likely know what/who I was talking about. I am very aware of that when I blog, so I try to be careful. I wouldn't be as careful if I wasn't in the military. Can't risk offending the Religious Right now, can I? (unless it's through your blog) :)

DrChako said...

Offend away, sis!