Monday, January 15, 2007

Pardon the Interruption

15 JAN 07

Recovery from my dental extraction has taken longer than expected. Alternating between pain and Oxycontin makes for a poor blogger. I’ve finally turned the corner.

So, the last time we left our hero, he was in the middle of his midlife crisis. This has not magically gone away, in case you were wondering.

Phase 2 is acquisition. I WILL be getting a Ferrari, but it really doesn’t make much sense to get it right before I go to Iraq. I also have a passion for watches, so help me out. Of the three watches above, which do you prefer?
Editors note: The Maurice LaCroix image would not load, but I think it's out of the running anyway, so just choose 1 or 2.


April said...


Matt Silverthorn said...

I'm with April. The second one is better.

DrChako said...

Every time I'm in Vegas, I stop at Tessorino in the Bellagio and look at watch #2. It's called the Lange 1, and it's stunning. Both the Lange and the Glashutte are mechanical wind, and both are great works of art. The Glashutte is about $5000 less expensive.

Anonymous said...

Far be it for me to be a conformist. I really like #1. Which, because I can't read what is written on the picture, I am assuming to be the one on the left with the silver design on the face.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I was shown the watches in a double-blind random study with no price information and I chose #1 as well, which is the less expensive of the two.

Maybe I'm just innately aware of the marginal utility of beautiful watches and the beauty per dollar ratio of the first one is somehow evident to my subconscious. To be perfectly honest, unless these watches prevent cancer and give you arm massages, I'm not sure the price justifies either on looks alone . . . he's got a perfectly handsome Skagen at home that I know was under the $200 mark . . . don't understand his acquisition "phase" apparently and never will.