Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Two Hour Commutes...


The weather here in Seattle is out of this world. On top of 8 inches of accumulation, we had another 2 last night. My BMW got to the bottom ofthe driveway before the spinning tires finally gave up. At least I got to the sidewalk. Some excellent Les Schwab chains on the Honda Odyssey and I was off, albeit at 5 MPH. 25 miles and 2 hours and 20 minutes later, I'm at the hospital. The good news is that routine patients probably won't be able to make it here to clog up my schedule. The bad news is two fold: There were multiple accidents, several of which have probably caused new patients to be sitting in my ER, and I'm sure many of my colleagues were unable to get to work.

"Why are you blogging when you should be saving lives?" you might ask.

Good point. Wish me luck.

Editors Note: Well, they finally got me. When I try to post to Blogger at work, I get, "Access Denied: Sex." Strangely, I can pull up my website. From now on, I'll have to post from home. This sucks as bad as the weather.


Anonymous said...

you shopuld be able to email to your blog. Ppke around blogger fro a minute ot two. Or use Performancing for firefox.

Anonymous said...

Your day really did suck yesterday. I am in DC this week and, thankfully, staying right across the street from the conference so I don't have to drive anywhere. As far as the military and your website goes, that really sucks too. I got an "Access denied. Sex" warning while I was looking for a gynecologist downtown. One of the things about the military that I hate is it's inablity to think outside the box. Even for a milisecond. I heard the most insane story just yesterday. In order to be an MSC (Medical Service Corps) officer, like me, one must take the GMAT or GRE. As a reminder, these are the tests required to get into a masters degree program. The military makes no exceptions. Not even, get this...if you already have a masters degree. Bad enough, right? Even better, a fellow MSC I was speaking to yesterday already had his PhD and he was forced to take one of the two tests as well. There are just no words for this, are there?

Anonymous said...

I believe the oxymoron "military intelligence" comes to mind, sister. . . . Although I'm sure in their minds it means something else. Come on, we all know PhD means "piled higher and deeper" . . . of course I'd make them take the test again!

Now I must pull my tongue out of my cheek and get to work.