Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Miscellaneous Housekeeping

24 JAN 07

We had some vicious snow recently here in the Pacific Northwest, but this led to some awesome sledding and a new nickname for my son.


Also, for those of you who were worried that my midlife crisis has stalled, have no fear. Here is my new Desktop pic:

Ferrari Dino

Finally, a hand from last night’s head-up Omaha 8 round. I have 4 6 7 K with two diamonds. The flop is 5 8 9 with two diamonds. My opponent (AKA, The Rock, AKA, my wife) caps the flop and when the Ace of diamonds hits the turn, she caps again. All the money was in on the river when the board didn’t pair. My nuts flush was good for high, of course.

What did she have?


Anonymous said...

She had A288...

and you had 467K and admitted it? I would've been a little more vague.

Anonymous said...

Wrong David . . . total misread on my part . . . It was an unraised pot and I was holding trip 5s thinking what were the chances I'd hit the trips with the last remaining five, and I did . . . I totally put him on the nut low and thought the ace ruined it . . . by the time the flush came out, all my money was in anyway. But you'll have to ask him about how he gave it all back to me two hands later.

DrChako said...

No one needs to know about that other hand, dammit.

And that hand is great when you are only playing heads up, no? Pretty much any hand that can go both ways is enough to start with in Omaha, especially when your opponent NEVER raises preflop.

Anonymous said...

I have seen The Wife play poker. Not only does she never raise preflop, she almost never stays in a hand, period. :) And what did you do to my nephew's head???? Yeesh!

Anonymous said...

Your point is well made, if not a slight exaggeration sister. Hmmm . . . I wonder if that has anything to do with my winning record . . . ? Dr.?