Saturday, March 17, 2007

Omaha Question

17 MAR 07

Call, Raise or Fold?

Drizz, I’m looking at you.

The Muckleshoot spread 4/8 Omaha 8 last night! They even had a full kill to 8/16. Seattle John managed to pull me away from the 20/40 game to donk around with a little eastern Nebraska high-low action. It actually wasn’t that hard to pull me away – I ran really badly really quickly. John’s reminder to play tight when the game is loose came a little too late. I’ll stop before this turns into a bad beat story.

So, donk around I did in the game with too many hole cards. First let me start by saying that before I got into the hold’ em game, I played 1-4 Stud for about an hour. Walked away a winner, too! This marks the first time I played three different ring games in one session. If you count limit and no limit hold ‘em, that makes 4.

Anyway – to the hand. Without too much fan fare, here is the question.

4 of you get to the river which cinches your nut low and gives you the second nut straight for high. You bet right out. Call, call and the button raises.

Call, Raise or Fold?

Editors Note: Before I tell you what I did, apparently it was the wrong choice. It even brought a “You dumb ass!” from Seattle John.


Anonymous said...

Call, to encourage others to call, building the pot that is at least part yours. By raising, you likely force inferior hands out, and you open the possibility of a reraise by a hand that could quarter you.

Unknown said...

I doubt all four nut lows are out there (only seen it once in 200K hands) but with a raise on the river in a tight game you can be 100% sure that someone would raise the nut high straight.

My guess is you'll get 1/6th here by the raiser having a nut-nut hand and one of the callers have the nut low only. If you can get the two callers to call down all raises (not likely) you actually won't lose that much in the worst case sceniro that raise has nut-nut.

Call and take the showdown if its a tight game.

Raise it if its loose where people have been showing down second nut lows/second best straights or flushes or sets on non-pairing straight boards

If you folded, I'd ask how much you've been drinking.

DrChako said...

Drizz - that's why you are my Omaha man! Clearly folding was not an option. It was a pretty loose game and there was a chance that one of the other two had second nut low.

I re-raised, and the button capped the river. He had nut, nut and me and the other two all had nut low. That's right - all 4 had nut low!

I could run the numbers (math is hard), but I think I lose very little if any with a raise here, and potentially gain a little if even one of the stragglers has 2nd nut low.

John's comment was NEVER raise with nut low. He said it costs $2 for ever $1 I make. I don't think so.

Dammit, now I have to do math.

Kerri Miller said...

How about "Its a trick question because The Muck never ever ever EVER spreads Omaha"?

(Call, but know you're getting at LEAST 1/4'd)

DrChako said...

LOL - not a trick question. I was there!

Comment on Omaha Hand

Well, dammit, I ran the numbers. I’m afraid John was right, Drizz.

Here is the break down:
Option 1 - 1/8
Option 2 - 1/6
Option 3 - 1/4
Option 4 - 7/12

Bet Call (32) 16, 21.3, 32, 74.7
Re-raise Cap (64)32, 42.7, 64, 149.3

Option 1 – What actually happened. All 4 had nut low and button had nut high.
Option 2 – One second nut low loses everything.
Option 3 – 2 lows and one high.
Option 4 – Dream world – ½ high and 1/3 low.

You see, it’s only in dream land where I make any money. Best case scenario is Option 3 and there I only break even.

Seems John knows what he’s talking about.