Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Push It – Response

13 MAR 07

Hunter left yet another insightful comment on my blog from yesterday. I didn’t want it lost to the masses, so I’m elevating it to Guest Post Status. Enjoy.

Is there a correlation between poker and weight loss? Or, better yet, poker and the failure to lose weight?

As someone who has spent a lifetime trying all sorts of diets, including Dr. Stillman's, Dr. Atkins, Dr. Bernstein's, Weight Watchers, The Turbulent Diet, the Caveman Diet, the High Protein diet, the No-Carb, the No-Fat, and the No-Food diet, the West Point diet, the South Beach diet, the Alcatraz diet, the Heart Association diet, the Diabetic diet, the Chocolate diet, the yogurt diet, Slim-Fast, Metracal, Nutri-System, Rancher's Diet, Lumberjack's Diet and, finally, the Sex-instead-of-Food Diet, I am acutely aware of the difficulty involved.

Furthermore, I have concluded, that if the mind is not focused on the diet, failure is inevitable.

The list of distractions far outnumber the list of diets, and include such things as magic tricks, loud music, barking dogs, unruly children, a Hell's Angel's procession, car crashes, parachute jumpers, structures on fire and, of course, beautiful women in various stages of undress.

However, in a recent scientific study, it has been shown that there is a new distraction that causes weight-loss failure. That distraction is POKER. Unfortunately, the game is insidious. Much like marijuana, the participant is totally unaware of his body's need for munchies.

So, Poker Players take heed. If dieting is your priority, stay out of the casinos.

Hunter Silvastorm


DrChako said...

Great response, although I have one quibble. Although I have no first hand experience, I'm pretty sure marijuana users ARE aware of their need for munchies.


Heather said...

And I too have a quibble - I lost the most weight when I was a poker junkie. I lived on caffeine and had no desire to eat, and it distracted me from the munchies.

I'd go home and all I'd have is a gatorade to hydrate me before passing out from sleep.

I seriously called it "the poker diet".