Friday, March 30, 2007

Vegas Trip Report

30 MAR 07

Spring Edition

I just returned last night from the Society of Thoracic Radiology meeting at the Red Rocks in Las Vegas. Well, technically it’s in Summerlin. In case you are wondering, that’s about:

a. 25 minutes from the Strip
b. $30 to $50 from the Strip
c. A world away from the Strip
d. All of the above

If you guessed D, you are correct. I’ll have more thoughts in the coming days, but here are some things I jotted down.

Met Pauly, Change100, Amy Calistri (we never did get to share notes on mid-life crises!), Derek and Miami Don. Amy was even nice enough to note the occasion:

As we were playing, a familiar face approached the table. OMG, it was Dr. Chako! If you’ve not caught up with his blog lately, Dr. Chako is reveling in his newfound mid-life crisis. What better place to wallow one’s own mortality than Vegas.

Other random thoughts:
I am a winning craps player!

I am a winning 2/5 No Limit player!

I lost a ton donking around at ½ No Limit.

I lost another ton at 30/60 Limit.

Here are some other thoughts I wrote on my Blackberry:

Arrived at 6 PM on Saturday. Zero people on the taxi line. 1st corny line heard at the airport "If you hang with me, I'll make sure you go home with a heavier suitcase.”
Using my Blackberry in the taxi makes me motion sick.
Weird thought about graphic novel. More later.

At baggage claim, I'm forced to stare at a huge smiling David Hasselhof, who is staring in The Producers at The Paris Hotel. Europeans must be coming here in increasing numbers.

I am greeted at McCarran Airport with a tram ride from Gate D. Check out the mural below. There are separate panels for different cities like Toronto and NY. The NY panel shows a large jet with flames coming out the back headed toward the Statue of Liberty. WTF? Sorry for the crappy camera phone photo.

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WindBreak247 said...

Summerlin is a great place to stay if you can expense it. But I suppose if you're footing the bill, getting to the strip and back is less than convenient. I've been out there for a conference three years running staying at the JW Marriott with a rental car, all on the company, and I thought it was a great way to do Vegas.

Too bad the conference moved to Anaheim this year. Not that it matters, considering the company cut training expenses. BUSTO!