Saturday, June 21, 2008

Post #500

June 21st, 2008

First of all, let me start this epic post with a shout out to Dr. Pauly. Not only is he the hardest working blogger in the business, but his writing has never been better (and I’ve read just about everything he’s written in the past 4 years). Not only that, but despite what sounds like a massive car accident yesterday, he still made his way to the Rio so the rest of us can live the WSOP vicariously through his eyes. Well done, man.

So, what do I have to show for 500 posts? I’ve certainly made a small imprint on the intertubes. I have loyal readers, which, even for someone with as big an ego as mine, is still humbling. I have a place to brain dump and vent. I have a reason to join the bi-annual WPBT gatherings. I’ve made some great friends who’ve made me reflect and laugh. Other times they just leave me shaking my head.

So, I guess I just want to say thanks for sticking around and wasting your time getting some small pleasure from my musings. The next 500 will be better, I promise.

Now, please permit me to update my 101 Things About Dr. Chako post.

#9 – It’s now been over 36 years that I’ve played guitar. I’ll be changing this to say “my entire life.”

#14 – I talked about being a soldier and a doctor. In a few days, I’ll be officially out of the Army for good. I’m changing, “I’m fiercely proud to be both” to “I’m fiercely proud to have been both.”

#15 – I’m changing this to say, “I was in the Army for almost 22 years.”

#16 – I was actually promoted twice – my Lieutenant Colonel promotion came with one year left on Active Duty.

#19 – Obviously I need to change this one. I most certainly have been in combat, having served one short tour in Iraq.

#20 – I’m very proud of my Good Conduct Medal, but now I think I’m just a little more proud of the Bronze Star I received for my combat tour.

#26 – I finally got my first presidential prediction wrong. I figured Hillary was a shoe-in. Mind you, that’s certainly not what I wanted, it’s just that last November I figured she was unbeatable.

#30 – I’ve now been playing poker seriously for almost 4 years. I’m still a losing player (lifetime), but I’m up this year and I still believe I can turn it around.

#38 and #39 are about my dad, who died this year. This will need some serious editing, but I’m not even sure where to begin.


The Sister said...

"Diamond Lil's" sounds like the name of a strip joint.

The Sister said...

500 posts? That's pretty impressive. I think you have enough for a book! You could be like Scott Adams!

The Sister said...

Ooops...I meant that first comment for your last post. The ROK is starting to melt my brain.