Monday, June 09, 2008

WPBT Summer 2008 Trip Report - Vol. 1

9 June 08

Chronological order seems to work best for these reports.

We arrive Friday night into McCarran airport as expert travelers (meaning no checked bags). There is no taxi line (!) and we are whisked away to Caesar’s Palace. I’ve wanted to stay at Caesar’s for some time. All my favorite shops are there, and if you are really lucky, you get to stay in the rooms that over look the Bellagio fountains. We got an upgraded room, but our only view was of a rooftop with the mountains in the distance. Fortunately, we wouldn’t spend much time looking out at the great beyond.

Since we knew the bloggers would likely gather at the MGM, off we went. We got there early enough to catch a nice dinner of appetizers at Nob Hill. Just smashing. We shared the fondue, the seafood plate and some raw tuna. The tuna came with an exquisite mushroom which I promptly put right into my mouth. It was only then that I realized there was only one mushroom and I had to endure the raw glare from The Wife. It was a really good mushroom.

We get back to the poker room and, while waiting on a table, I decide to make a run to the little boys room. I’m not gone more than 5 minutes, yet when I get back, I find The Wife chatting up a handsome young man by the name of John. Now, I know there are tons of bloggers I haven’t met, and I assumed this must be one of them.


He was just some random Vegas guy who saw a hot chick in a tight leather skirt and decided to take a shot. Apparently taking a shot these days involves the early mention of non-standard skills like toe-sucking, but I’ll let The Wife try to explain that one.

Finally, we get us a mixed game with some true bloggery goodness. There is nothing better than a table full of drunk bloggers, fresh from the Hofbrauhaus. How is this for a line-up?

Seat 1: Pokergrump

Seat 2: The Wife

Seat 3: Falstaff

Seat 4: Easycure

Seat 5: Special K

Seat 6: StB

Seat 7: April

Seat 8: Zeem

Seat 9: Your Hero

We played ORSE (because no one wanted anything to do with Hold ‘em) while CK distracted the whole table by letting her hair fall all over The Wife as she rubbed her shoulders. It was awesome (the ORSE and the hot girl-on-girl action). I finished even and The Wife won big (what else is new?). I won’t bore you with hand histories, other than this one.

It’s Stud High and I’ve got a pair of aces showing. Falstaff picks up a second 6 around 5th street and bets into me. I raise. He re-raises. I call. He bets again on 6th street. I call. He bets on 7th street. I now have aces up, but there is no way he’s afraid of my aces, so I fold my Aces and 9s face up. He proudly turns over a pair of 6s.

That’s it. Nothing else.

It’s been a long time since I was outplayed that well. My hat is off to you. The byproduct of this is that Falstaff’s mad poker skills so excited The Wife that she kissed him full on the mouth. Not to be outdone, I ran around the table and did likewise.

Falstaff may never be the same.

Next, 5 intrepid bloggers venture out to the Spearmint Rhino.


The Wife said...

I think it was really the comment that my ass looked good in the pleather skirt that got him a kiss . . .

But either way, I think nothing made me laugh harder than seeing you kiss him.

Don't ask, don't tell, baby.

The Sister said...

My brudder got him some man-mouth! I didn't know you had it in you. Dad would be so proud. LOL

Instant Tragedy said...

"Sharing is CARING!" - Me to daughter.

As for the mushroom grab, tsk tsk. Ask for pleather wife action... DAMN it man, compliment the shoes if you really need some loving ;-)


Just watching the trip reports come in make me wish I was there.


BWoP said...

Distracted boys never win at poker :-P

Evy said...

hence the reason i wear the lowest-cut shirts possible at the poker table!