Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WPBT Summer 2008 Trip Report – Vol 2

11 June 08

When we left our hero, he and a small but swarthy contingent of bloggers were headed to the Spearmint Rhino. We join the action soon after the 5-some are seated in what will come to be known as, “the area of invisibility.”

Seriously, I have never been ignored by so many beautiful women since high school. You’d think that three middle aged white guys with two hot chicks would scream, “We have money!” but you’d be wrong. We literally had to grab the arms of strippers as they sauntered by – including one epic swing-and-a-miss by F-Train.

Finally we get a few choice dances for our lovely ladies. I like a lap dance as much as the next guy, but nothing beats hot girl-on-girl action. It’s a good thing we found some willing dancers, because I think The Wife was about to start grinding on BWOP. She probably would have made huge cash, too. I think the mouth-breathers across the way would have paid through the nose to see that. I know I would have.

Saturday found The Wife and I with no set schedule, which is the best way to do Vegas. We decided to book a show (Zumanity at NY NY) and then set off for whatever trouble we could find. Our only trouble was at the poker tables in the MGM. The Wife again insisted that I not sit at her 2-4 table, so I donked off $700 at the 3-5 NL table.

After cashing out, I decided to throw some dice while waiting on The Wife. There was an open spot, so I sidled up and asked the guy to my left if the spot was open. I did an actual triple-take. The stranger was none other than my great friend Josh, who also happens to be the President of the corporation I started. Talk about small world! He had just come from a $4000 cash as the blackjack table and was looking to donk off some of his hard earned cash at the dice game. We even got The Wife to toss the dice for us. Whatever happened to the old adage that a first-time female shooter can’t lose?

Ummm, she can.

Zumanity was excellent, if a bit disconcerting. There is nothing stranger than an overly muscular dwarf plummeting towards your head from 50 feet in the air. Well, other than the transvestites and homoerotic cage match, that is (perhaps I’d already had enough man-on-man action for the weekend). The Wife loved it. I guess I did, too.

Tune in tomorrow where we finish out an incredible weekend with high-stakes poker at the Rio, high-end spa action for The Wife, and a great dinner with a good friend.

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