Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Golf in Vegas - WPBT 2008

Well, we really screwed the pooch with this one. Golf will be played (oh yes it will), but it will unorganized. Gotta love bloggers.

I'd love to have at least 8 players, but I'll go by myself if I have to. I plan on playing Friday morning, preferably teeing off around 10 am. It will be very boring playing a skins game against myself (I'm easily beatable).

Who's with me? Right now I think CK, F-Train and Miami Don have expressed an interest. Drizz? Rooster? Bueller? Anyone?

Edit: Did I just say I beat myself?


BamBam said...

Does, tried to organize it and seriously pissed off I can't be there, account for anything at all?

Frickin' work!
Frickin' fiscal responsibility!

Suddenly, depression sets in. Those at work are doomed! I fart in their general direction.

Gene said...

Crap, can I rent clubs? Ain't no way I'm humping my ancient sticks to Vegas. But golf in the desert? Hell YEAH.

Unknown said...

Sadly, I don't get in until 1:00pm tomorrow.

Otherwise I'd go and make CK cry with my 350 yard hook drives.