Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Memories are Fading...

Must write now.

It's only been 3 days since we got back. The memories are becoming a little fuzzy, but there are a few I want to document for the ages.
  • Steel Panther - I could write 1000 words about this show alone, but I won't. It was clearly the 2nd best thing on this trip (the first being seeing all the bloggers). Hanging out with Dr. Jeff, BadBlood, Peaker, April, The Wife and (of course) StB was friggin' awesome. Steve, I didn't mean to dis you at dinner. You are NOT chopped liver, sir.
  • Sleep - At some point, I fell asleep during the rock concert. This IS NOT to be taken as a slight on the show. It's only my age showing. At some point, you should expect to see a picture of my sleeping ass with a happy bunch of degenerates posing and pointing at my sorry state.
  • Golf - the reason I fell asleep at the show is that, while most bloggers were fast asleep on Friday morning, Miami Don picked me up for a 9 am tee-time at Angel Park. Don - you are officially The Man. While many bloggers talked about playing, you and I were the only ones serious enough to follow through. You will forever be an A-lister for the effort.
  • Making Out - At one point, a very sexy and very non-Wife blogger came up to me when I was playing mixed games, grabbed me and proceeded to plant a serious one right on my mouth. I believe there was tongue. It. Was. Awesome. I must admit, the fact that The Wife was standing there watching made it even better.
  • Dinner - I have had tons more experience with the Fancy Food than this guy, but rarely have I had more fun at dinner. Thank you SO MUCH Princess, and congrats again on the tourney win. When most players tell me that their opponent "never had a chance," I know it's just bragging. In your case, it was a genuinely honest assessment. Well done.
  • Bloggers - I was fortunate to finally meet several more. I want to put all your names here, but I'm sure I'd miss a few and then you'd be upset and never read my stuff again. I would like to mention that it was a pleasure meeting Betty for the first time. You actually exist - who knew?!


Unknown said...

It was awesome to meet you too! Next year. We have to make it a tradition.

Shrike said...

I feel ashamed for missing out on golf.

I blame Schaubs. ;)


The Sister said...

DUDE! You're getting tongue from other women while your wife watches? You are SO our father's son.

Katitude said...

*waves to the Sister and introduces herself.

What's funny is, when I told my husband, he just laughed and said, yep you're your father's daughter *grin.

Heather said...

...although it doesn't mean it wasn't a hard fought tourney!

You are very welcome for dinner and I had a lot of fun too - pleasure playing poker with ya!

StB said...

Death to all but Metal!!!

Next time we make sure you don't fall asleep.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

It was a pleasure seeing you again!

jremotigue said...

Which way is it to O'Shea's?

The Sister said...

Shout out right back at ya Katitude! I got me a great, entertaining family!