Sunday, December 14, 2008

WPBT 2008 - Trip Report

Well, another epic blogger gathering is in the books. These faces I only see once or twice a year are now all familiar to me. I belong in this group. It's good to feel like you belong in a group like this. It took a while to feel this way, even though they accepted me long before I accepted them. That's not quite true, I guess. Let just say long before I allowed myself to accept them. Does that make any sense?

Not much to report in the tournament. I doubled through RecessRampage when my A8 turned two pair against his AK and he couldn't get away from it. I actually may have been the tournament leader at that point. I eventually got up to over $24,000 in the first level before my AA ran into a set of 8s and I fell in love with my hand. My bustout was pretty standard fare. My JJ got beat by A 10 and someone (sorry - too drunk to remember who) got a very nice coin that I brought back from Iraq.

Poker was awesome when playing against bloggers or blogger associates (sorry Dr. Jeff), but a bit of a bust in the non-blogger cash games. This time my money makers were playin short handed 2/5 NL with BadBlood and Dr. Jeff at Green Valley Ranch and playing mixed games at the IP and MGM. I own Badugi. Fear me. Seriously. Alas, I gave some back at the Venetian HORSE game and I think a 1/2 NL game. I was probably too drunk to be playing in that game, but at least I didn't rebuy.

So off I went to Rage Solo. How I ended up at O'Sheas shooting dice remains a mystery that will be lost for the ages, but it's good to know that my losing streak at craps is still intact. Seriously, it's 12 sessions in a row. I know it's a -EV game, but you'd think it would give me hope so that I might come back at some point. Oh wait. I come back anyway. Hmmm...

And now, the sun is up on Sunday morning and we're facing a rapid check out followed by some serious grub. Tomorrow, I hope to tell you about the Steel Panther show (do not miss it) and some more of these incredible people called bloggers. My kinda people.


MHG said...

Playing Badugi for my first time right now on Stars--this game is amazing!

BamBam said...

Can't wait for more.


BWoP said...

Thank you for shoving into me when I had the nuts :-)

muhctim said...

It was a pleasure to meet you and to play cards with you, sir. I look forward to future meetings.

Katitude said...

Doc my sweet, always a pleasure to see you IRL and hang out with you and the lovely Wife.

Any chance of getting you up here for Eh-Vegas?

Shrike said...

Great to meet you. Must have whisky tasting in future, etc.


Anonymous said...

When I woke up after that 2-5 game at GVR, I counted my bankroll to find myself about $600 short of the day before. It took me a few minutes to remember that I was playing 2-5 that night.

Note to self... if you can't walk in a straight line, don't put any money over the bet line.

I must say, though, that night was a freaking blast and worth every penny