Friday, December 05, 2008

RSNA - How to Do it Better Next Time

This post is for me and my radiologist readers. It's boring. Move along. For those of you actual radiology folk, please feel free to add any additional suggestions in the comments.

Next time you come to Chicago for RSNA, plan a little better, please. This trip was okay, but you can do it better.
  • Book as far in advance as possible. If you wait to the last minute, you miss out on some good lectures.
  • Use the lecture schedule on the website to plan ahead. It's cumbersome, but useful.
  • Book the hotel by yourself if you can. The best places as far as I can tell are the Hyatt (attached to the McCormick Place, therefore no need for a taxi or bus), the Fairmont (where Mike stayed), the Peninsula, and Park Hyatt. Best Western is decent from what I could see from the outside. There is a really good Hilton on Michigan Ave.
  • Never EVER stay at the Congress Plaza Hotel.
  • If you stay on Michigan Ave, ask for a room with a view of Grant Park. Pay for the upgrade if necessary.
  • Before you book, ask if there is internet access in the room. Several hotels don't have it, believe it or not.
  • Call reps early and often in the weeks and months before RSNA. Remember to call Ron from Toshiba, Pam and Heidi from GE and Mandy from Bracco (even though she punched you in the arm. A lot.).
  • Only 1/2 of the doctors wore suits this time (as opposed to 1999 where every one did). Suits are never out of place, but by Thursday you can dress as casually as you want.
  • Even though the conference goes through Friday at noon, you should probably book your return flight for 3 pm on Thursday. The Friday lecture this morning was good, but probably not good enough to extend the trip another day.
  • Remember that the main building is the South Building. Lakeside is east. This is important if you are taking a taxi.
  • Buses are actually quite good, and they're free for RSNA attendees. Route 1B is the one that goes along Michigan Ave.
  • Lectures begin on Sunday, so depending on what time you arrive, you can actually get in a good lecture right away.
  • Start drinking alcohol at least 3 weeks before you come. Reps have expense accounts and you need to be prepared.
Anything else?


Heather said...

Look up your friends in chicago!! I'm here, and DP is guest bartending at the lesbian bar tonight - you're missing out...

Also - can you drop me an email? I have a question I want to ask (radiology related) that I don't want to put on a blog. (norton at maigrey dot net)

DrChako said...

Look for GO transportation at OHare. Pay for 1 way.
Plan to come Saturday night. Even if you fly out on the 6 am flight on Sunday, you won't get to lectures until 3pm.

DrChako said...

Chicago Hilton is perfectly acceptable.
Best Western Grant Park is another option on the 1b bus route.