Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guest Post (against my better judgment)

Dear Dr. Chako,

As the host of the radio show, "The World of Hunter Silvastorm," I felt compelled to make some additional comments on your October 11th performance.

You were correct when you wrote on your blog that the radio station experienced a record number of podcast downloads during the 24 hours following our interview. What you were not aware of, was the record number of e-mails that poured in from listeners all over the world.

To set the record straight and give your fans a balanced view of how you did during that interview, allow me to present a sampling of those e-mails:

From a listener in Detroit: "...the doc used a lot of big fancy words, but can he drive a stick shift?" Doogie "Mad Muffler" Mulligan

From Sydney, Austrailia: "...the damn sting ray got the wrong man." Tiger "Snake" Kresh

From Miami: "Since you're such an expert, can you do anything to stop my breasts from hanging over my waist?" Estelle Shapiro

From Barrow, Alaska: "Other than moving to Los Angeles, can anything be done to prevent 'stiff nipple?'" Joe "Orca Man" Koko

From Paris: "...and although you spoke about the one subject that is very dear to me and all my fellow countrymen, you neglected to mention the sheer beauty of those lovely orbs." Guy Tremain

And finally, from Las Vegas: "Now I know that Dr. Chako is not only an expert on Texas Hold 'em poker, but he really is a doctor who knows everything there is to know about boobs. In this town, that makes him Top Gun!" Graham "Gunny" Fieldstone

Hunter Silvastorm

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