Friday, October 13, 2006

Spice Girls

13 OCT 06

Why am I not surprised that this post comes on Friday the 13th?

Thanks Pauly. I’ve now got this stupid project in my head, and I can’t rest until I pick which Spice Girl I would be and why. I hope you choke on my answer.

This is stupid.

I hate the Spice Girls and I hate pop music. I couldn’t name a single song they did. Well, except for Wannabe, but, I mean, everyone knows this song, so it’s not like it’s a surprise that I know it too. It’s a stupid song. The only reason I know it was Jhoan Camitz that directed the video is because she has a cool name. That’s it. I could care less otherwise.

Okay, I guess I know one other fact, but that doesn’t make me like them any more. Or at all, in fact. It’s just that when the song came out, it was the highest debut in the US by a non-American act (beating the Beatles). I guess that’s kinda cool. If you like that kind of thing.

Which I don’t.

If you remember that video, it was Scary Spice right out front. Her cleavage was amazing. If that was me, people would totally be looking at my chest and it would feel really cool and stuff and all the other girls would be sooo jealous. ‘Cause I’m scary, you know, like, it’s my name but I’m really scary to the other girls. I’m powerful and female and woman and you all love me so much that you hate me.


But, I really think this is a dumb idea. I’m mean who cares, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

Like, Omigod! You are totally hot for Scary Spices' boobs. Like, you are totally see thru, dawg. You are SO a hater. You got your own shawty back at da crib. Paris and I are leaving.

Pauly said...

Sweet! Thanks for particpating, Doc!

Heather said...

But I mean, tell me what you really want!

Anonymous said...

Apparently what you really, really want is to have sex with Eddie Murphy, 'cause apparently you're having his baby. Way to go, Scary.