Thursday, October 05, 2006

I am Psychic!

5 OCT 06

From comments I posted to Whiskytown’s blog regarding Rep Foley:

Look for some mid-level staffer to take the blame for not informing his boss in a timely manner.

That was two days ago. Now this from yesterday:

Kirk Fordham, chief of staff to Rep. Tom Reynolds, resigns amid fallout from Rep. Mark Foley's sex messages to a teenage page, CNN confirms.

And prediction #2 – also from a comment on Whiskytown’s blog:

This [political climate of indecision] GREATLY increases the vulnerability of our troops in theater and increases my likelihood of being deployed (doctors and hospitals are ALWAYS needed most at the beginning and end of conflicts).

Now this from today:

Dr. Chako – pack your bags! You’ve won an exciting and all expenses paid trip to the Middle East, where you will have the finest sightseeing, shopping and traveling experiences of your life. Think how fashionable you’ll be in the latest Kevlar and camo!

Anyone want to know who’s gonna win the World Series?


April said...

Take care of yourself and remember that we support you 100%, and thank you much more than that.

Haley said...

Thank you for doing what you're doing, DC; your service is honorable. Stay safe and Godspeed.

BadBlood said...

Stay safe over there sir! You are a good man doing a good thing. Respect and well wishes from G-Vegas.

Karol said...

Thank you so much for what you're doing. All the best to you.