Thursday, October 19, 2006


19 OCT 06

Not much to talk about today. Thursday is Cardiac Day. If you are interested in seeing some of what I do, click this link to my other blog.

Other random thoughts:

I just finished Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series. All I can say is this – Stephen, you are a magnificent, egotistical sumbitch.

He could not possibly have used more clich├ęd plot devices if he was sitting in Lit 401. In fact, the story ended up seeming like it was written as an assignment for an advanced writing class. No, let me take that back. It’s like a very cool professor gave the writing assignment to his class, and after seeing the results, decided to show his students how it’s supposed to be done. I realize this isn’t the most glowing review, but let me just say that I really liked the books and if you like Stephen King, give this one a whirl. Great characters. Unique story.

Now I’ve started Missing Links, by Rick Reilly (from Sports Illustrated fame). Laughing my ass off from page one.

I’m still trying to steel myself to get back to George R. R. Martin’s A Feast for Crows. His first three books in the Song of Ice and Fire series are the best science fantasy I’ve ever read. I’m struggling with book 4.

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