Thursday, November 16, 2006

Actual Poker

16 NOV 06

Well, if you count Razz as poker…

I played my first ever Razz game yesterday on Full Tilt. It was a Free Money one-table Limit SNG, so I’m really not putting too much stock in the results. I showed some aggression early and chipped up. Then I left for an hour. I really expected to be out when I got back, but to my surprise, I was one of 4 left, albeit the short stack. From there, I showed more aggression and became the chip leader, only to fall to a couple river suckouts.

I am a Razz deity.

Then I went back to my old standard – the two table turbo NL Hold ‘em SNG. 1st Place.

I am the king of the world!

Still, there was something missing. Oh yeah – no real money on the line = who really cares?

PS. Has anyone switched to the “new” version of Blogger? Is there anything I need to be worried about?


Anonymous said...

I'm on Blogger beta, and other than it being quirky about getting to my site sometimes (which you can generally get around if you try hard enough, but could be bad for your casual visitors who may not be interested in dicking with it), I have had no problems with it.

However, I can't compare it for you to regular Blogger, because when I started my blog, I just signed up under beta.

Other things worth noting is that the "Remember Me" function doesn't work with IE, so you have to sign in every new session. Also, if you're leaving a comment and aren't signed in, you have to click a "Switched to beta? Sign in here." link, which navigates you away from leaving your comment, so be sure to copy it if you've already typed it.

Of course, they'll eventually work most of these issues out, but they are currently tangible issues.

I think that's it.

Anonymous said...

Switch over its easier to use with no issues for myself thus far.

Anonymous said...

I just switched over yesterday - no issues, looks like some things got streamlined and/or more friendly. The quirks I've found are the ones that Windbreak identified, nothing more.