Thursday, November 09, 2006

Final Political Thought

9 NOV 06

First off – real poker content. I saw a guy call a preflop raise and then call the flop of Jc Jh 8c. Turn 7c. River 9c. Call. Call. Call.

Think about that for a minute. There is 4 to the straight flush and the board paired on the flop. He had 10h 4d for the gut-shot straight against trip Jacks with Ah Jd.

My Ah Jd, dammit.

Final political thought follows: Believe it or not, my faith in the system was somewhat restored this election. It's the strongest message we can send to the world - look how we do it, boys! Republicans aren't forming a militia and killing Democrats just because they lost (yet). Peaceful transfer of power based on a referendum of the masses - what a concept.

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