Friday, November 17, 2006

Bond… James Bond

17 NOV 06

Casino Royale Review follows.

I just saw this movie and here are some of my thoughts:

Daniel Craig is a much better Bond than Pierce Brosnan. There were several references to the old Sean Connery days which Bond fans should appreciate. Craig may turn out to be "Connery good."

I had a hard time deciding if Craig’s pursed-lips look was intentional, or just a result of his chiseled face.

The first half of the movie was awesome. I will put the foot chase scene against any car chase scene in recent memory. In fact, I’ll put it up against any BOND car chase scene.

The second half of the movie was good, but it ran too long in segments.

Judy Densch is the perfect M.

Italy (I think this was partly filmed at Lake Como or Magiorre) and Monoco are beautiful. I didn’t stay to see the credits, but I’d swear one of the hotels was the Grand Pupp in Karlo Vivary, Czech Republic (also seen in a recent movie with Queen Latifah). I stayed there a couple years ago. Magnificent.

The poker in this movie is horrible and predictable. “Everyone has a tell, except you…”

Craig reminds me of a combination of Steve McQueen and Frank Gorshin.

Thumbs up. Go see it.

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