Thursday, November 23, 2006


23 NOV 06

The following is a paid review!

I’m very excited – my first paid review! On the advice of fellow blogger Drizz, I signed up with the ReviewMe site and was instantly approved as a reviewer. I now get paid to write these reviews (theoretically). I’m a bit conflicted, though. Here’s what you need to know before you read further:

Since this is my first actual paid review, I’m feeling some pressure to give a good review. In this way, I may entice others to ask me (and therefore pay me) for future reviews.

This plan could backfire. What if the product actually sucks and I recommend it out of a perceived need? No one will trust my future reviews. No one will want me to review their stuff because I might say something bad.

Since I’m conflicted, I’ll choose the only option truly available. I’ll be honest.

Scrubs, also known as Scrubs Gallery sells, you guessed it, scrubs! Their byline is, “Saving Cash on Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms.”

Since I’m in the Army, I don’t have to buy my own scrubs. Occasionally, I like to be a little different, so I’m plopping down all the cash I will (theoretically) earn from this review and buying something from their site. Their front page seems pretty basic and easy to use. I searched for v-neck, blue and poly-cotton (for that poly-cottony goodness) and matched with this (seen in the picture above).

I chose my size (2XL - ‘cause I like ‘em big) and proceeded to the check out. Interestingly, there were no options for smaller sizes.

Some thoughts:

The site loads slowly. I’m certain this was not due to my computer – it must be something on their end.

Many of the options were only cartoons (as opposed to actual photos of the product). Hopefully this will be corrected in the future.

So far, I give the site and the experience a "thumbs-up."

I will write a follow-up review when I receive the product.

This was fun. Thanks again to Drizz for letting me know about the ReviewMe site.


Anonymous said...

Not a problem, hope to see you in Vegas :)

DrChako said...

Me too. See my latest post (and wish me luck).