Thursday, November 02, 2006

When to Pee

2 NOV 06

Editors Note: Regarding yesterday’s post – I’ve listened to the 10 second quote on You Tube about a dozen times, and I’ve heard Mr. Kerry put his spin on it. Believe it or not, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It is certainly possible that this was a botched joke. Still, shame on you for even attempting such a kindergarten recess stunt as trying to intimate that the reason we are in Iraq is because we have a stupid, uneducated president. Our troops, and the world is listening, Mr. Kerry. Attack his policies if you wish. Personal attacks are for the playground.

Darla is the best cocktail waitress at the Muckleshoot. Poker player can be a mean bunch. They routinely stiff the waitstaff and can be rude and tasteless. Darla rises above it all.

Darla does two things that make her stand out:

She brings me two Diet Cokes instead of one.
She brings them to me as soon as I sit down at the table – without even asking.

I always tip when a waitress brings me my Diet Coke. I started tipping Darla more, and she deserves every penny. The problem is that I have to pee like crazy within the hour. So now the question:

1. Do you get up to pee just before you post the Big Blind? In this situation, you expect to miss the blinds. You can post behind (plus the missed Small Blind), or you can wait until the next blind comes around.

2. Do you go pee when you are in early or middle position and hope to get back before you miss the blind?

3. Or, if you are Daddy, do you just pee at the table?

I’ll post my thoughts in the comments later today.


Jason said...

sheesh, How long does it take you to pee? that bathroom must be an outhouse. In AC I can usually fold a hand and am back before the next hand is dealt. Granted this is 4/8 limit, so you almost always see a river, but I am usually back for the next hand. Sometimes I miss 1 hand but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

If the rest room is more than 100 feet away, pee in middle position.

If it is less than 100 feet away, pee in early position. I think that is Daddy's new site.

DuggleBogey said...

At least when you post after missing your blinds, you are paying for hands in decent position.

If you leave in the middle, you're missing your hands in good position so you can play ones in poor position.

This is an easy decision.

If it's still tough for you, go before the blind hits you, smoke a cigarette or something and wait for the blind to get back to you.

Doog said...

Works like a charm.

DrChako said...

Thanks Lady - I corrected the post.

Good answers so far. I'll wait just a little longer and post my thoughts.

Unknown said...

Miss your blinds, post behind the button or buy it if they let you.

Don't over-abuse this move or the regulars will get cranky.

DrChako said...

Like most things in poker, the answer is, “it depends.”

In this case, it depends on what kind of player you are. I am aggressive, so it makes sense for me to post my missed-blind behind the button. 90% of the time I will raise or re-raise when it gets to me because I’m in position (the cutoff seat), and I already have one bet out there. I can usually win from this position, and I’m sure it has been a +EV move for me over the years. Actually, one of the regulars loves to tell the table that I will always raise my posted blind when I get back from the bathroom. Thanks a lot, guy.

If you are more passive, peeing in middle or early position is probably best.

Remember, if you find yourself at my table, I’m watching when you go pee in order to determine how aggressive you are.

Don’t be self-conscious or anything. It’s just another piece of information.

Seattlejohn said...

At the Muck I also go in MP after three hands, the button, cutoff, and hijack. MP spots are mostly flod hands anyway. The bathroom is far away but you can usually on miss one hand, maybe two if you had three DC's. You can also just time it with a full break and leave on the BB and come back one full round later. SJ

whiskeytown said...

I usually pee in the cuttoff between MP and EP - (after I muck I'm outta there with two seats before the blinds) -

if I miss I post from behind - no biggie -
I still wanna miss the blinds, but hey - I'll give them a shot -