Saturday, November 18, 2006

Casino Royale Review: Part Deux

18 NOV 06

In my excitement for remembering Frank Gorshin’s name for yesterday’s post, I forgot one of the most important poker related items from the movie.

While the quality of poker truly sucked out loud, there was one authentic piece of poker-related dialogue that really hit home. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there is a scene after Bond is knocked out of the tournament where he has to ask for the money to re-buy because, “I can beat this guy. You know I can!”

This hit a little too close to home, and was quite genuine.

I found a couple more tidbits, courtesy of this link toWikipedia. Don’t go to the link if you haven’t seen the movie, because, as it says multiple times on the page, the whole entry is a spoiler. See the movie first, then read the entry.

I was right about some of the movie being filmed in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, although I spelled it wrong. The Kaiserbad in Karlovy Vary was used as the exterior of the Casino Royale, with the Grandhotel Pupp serving as the "Hotel Splendide" where Bond stays during his time in Montenegro. The movie with Queen Latifah featuring the same hotel was Last Holiday. Let me say again, you should put “staying at the Grandhotel Pupp” on your list of things to do before you die.

Other scenes in the latter half of the film were filmed at the Villa del Balbianello on the shores of Lake Como.


I’m still trying to wrangle a trip to the WPBT, so if you can tell me what other movie features this locale, I’ll buy you the first round when (and if) I get out to Vegas (hint, the answer can be found on the link).

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