Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Balance

3 APR 07

The big day is only two days away. I’m a bit numb to it now. At least I’ll be distracted. We had another doctor call in sick this week, so I’ll be covering three services. Happy friggin’ birthday to me.

The title of this post refers my new balanced look on life, but also to my purchase yesterday of brand-spankin-new sneaks. They even have a cool pivot point on the bottom lateral surface. That’s a good thing, because I’m playing racquetball again!

I’ve always been psycho about my hobbies. As I noted in my 101 Things About Me post, racquetball is one of my many loves that fell by the wayside in pursuit of other things. It was replaced by golf, which was then usurped by poker.

Well, I broke down and joined LA Fitness. They just opened a new one by my house and they have 4 state of the art courts and even a racquetball league! I was in there yesterday morning at 5 :30 am and the place was already hopping.

Anyone up for a game?

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