Monday, July 30, 2007

Fantastic Weekend!

30 July 07

We went whale watching yesterday. It was declared the “worst day ever” by my son because we didn’t see any whales. Then he started talking about all the cool stuff we saw – the bald eagles, the harbor seals, the cool boats and all the different islands. I think he had a blast.

We have been living in the greater Seattle area for three years, but we only do the cool stuff when family and friends come to visit. My dad and his girlfriend (de facto wife?) Judy are here from Florida. Dad can’t see, but he still had a great time listening to us describe the scenery.

We ate dinner at Daniel’s Broiler on Lake Union. Spectacular views, amazing food and great conversation. Seeing the Ferrari parked directly across from our minivan was desert.

Oh yeah. Poker was played. Ace on the river beat me 3 damn times. Still, these home games are a blast. My favorite quote is from Judy, “Oh what the heck. I call. I have Ace high.”

It was good.


Anonymous said...

Don't bluff bad


skitch said...

Send me an email: steven [at] skitch [dot] net so I can forward you the picture from the pool!