Monday, July 09, 2007

Mom Should Be More Like Jenna Jameson

9 July 07

The title of this post was a line spoken by my 9 year old son last night before bed. After a moment of stunned silence and another moment to compose myself, I calmly replied that, while I agreed with the comment, perhaps he could further elaborate.

Apparently, Ms. Jameson is now romantically involved with Ultimate Fighting Champ Tito Ortiz, who happens to be the coolest, most awesomest fighter ever, donchaknow.

And why should Mommy be more like Ms. Ortiz (AKA the most successful porn star ever)?

Because Jenna totally digs the UFC, of course.

Thanks, son. I’ll be sure to tell Mommy.


The Sister said...

You calmly replied that "...while you agree with the comment..."?? No matter what you typed after those words, no matter how innocent your debate: Dude. It was nice having a brother while it lasted.

The wife said...

Oh, don't worry, you'll always have a brother - I wouldn't stoop to killing him for a comment like that, no matter how poorly thought-out it was. However, comments like that may clearly impact how quickly he might be driving a Ferrari or who might be helping him finance such a frivolous piece of machinery - perhaps Jenna would be more understanding. I invite her to buy my husband a Ferrari. In fact, if she buys him a Ferrari, I will even permit her a conjugal visit with him. Win/win, I'd say. See? Maybe he wishes Jenna was more like me.

The Sister said...

Good point Sister-in-law! On the same note, but different song, I am watching a DVD of Bill Cosby "Himself". Came out in about 1980. He's telling the story of he and his wife on the way to the hospital after she went into labor with their first child. Bill Cosby describes the drive, in his Ferrari, and her water about to break and he's begging her not to break her water in his..."$17,000" Ferrari. The value of a dollar and a Ferrari sure have changed, haven't they?

The Wife said...

If I could get him the Ferrari he wanted for only $17,000, all in, I would write the check today. And when I say "ALL IN", sweetheart, I mean "ALL COSTS IN" - don't try to finagle something weird out of that.