Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jeez, Would You Look at That!

18 July 07

I did something this morning I don’t normally. I called 911.

Just before I got off at the exit to the hospital, there were two milk trucks right in front of me. These were the huge tractor-trailers, each with two of the large silver cylinders in tandem. Truck #1 in the middle lane drifted to the right and crashed into Truck #2 in the far right lane causing him to skid over onto the shoulder. This happened immediately in front of me, and I think I peed a little.

Amazingly, they both recovered and kept driving. In fact, Truck #1 actually sped up! I’m certain he was falling asleep at the wheel. I hope he was speeding up so that he could get off the next exit, but I doubt it. Hence the call to 911.

Let’s hope the Washington State 911 is as good as the one my sister worked with in Florida and they get this guy off the road before he kills someone. That’s an awfully big truck to be smashing into things.

Oh yeah. Congrats to Jerry Yang on winning the Main Event of the 2007 WSOP, and further congrats to the guys over at . Having Dr. Pauly’s comments interlaced with the hand histories was brilliant, and I really likely the “Show This Hand” feature. Cool stuff.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

You ever find out what happened?

I've been reading the MSNBC series on a reservist in Iraq and I pray you get back here safe and in ONE piece!


DrChako said...

I never found out.

Thanks for the kind wishes. I haven't seen that series, but I'll be living it soon.

I leave next month.