Monday, July 16, 2007

Yeah, but he’s My Boss

16 July 07

The Sunday morning tournament I usually play was on hold yesterday because it was the freeroll tournament for regulars. Unfortunately, hours spent during tournaments don’t count, so I didn’t qualify. Why don’t my tourney hours count, dammit? The house makes money off of my buy-in (15%)! Has anyone else experienced this?

So instead, I take the amount I would normally use to buy in and see if I can run it up in a live game. My buddy Andrew and I both bought in to a typical loose 4/8 game. Now, I should mention that I call Andrew my buddy, but I’m really his boss. He is a Major and I’m a Lieutenant Colonel. I rate him. We are both Army doctors so isn’t as big a deal as if we were, say, Infantry. But it’s still out there.

Bottom line – it was an 8/16 kill pot and I cracked his Aces with 8h-6h. I had much joy dragging a huge pot, and he was good natured about it. Well, he was on tilt and donked away the rest of his buy in quickly after that, but at least he was smiling. We talked about the hand afterward and both agreed that we played it correctly. Sometimes donkeys (i.e. ME) catch cards. In the long run, you WANT idiots holding 8h-6h to call your pocket aces. In the short term though, it doesn’t feel so good.

Should the fact that I’m his boss factor into any of this? I’ve already written his annual review (outstanding, BTW). I’m certain the dollar amount is inconsequential. It wasn’t a home game and he did not feel compelled to play with me.


911siren said...

Pooping where you eat? Never thought you were the type. In about 2 years, when you get out of the Army, you should call "Buddy Andrew" to see if he was really intimated into being a good sport about the whole thing.

Would you have played it cool had it been you and a General? That rates you? Imagine the General's impression of you if you held the hissy fit you really wanted to?

I think Andrew went home and cried like a girl.

Just kidding.

The Sister said...

At least all YOU did was play poker. I went out with my Commander on not one, but TWO dates. Of course, I did wait until he was retired before doing so.

The wife said...

You kissed him too . . . just setting the record str8, sis.

Don't think the good Dr. kissed anyone.

The Sister said...

That was supposed to be a secret, Wife!!!! But since you put it on out there, it was a nice kiss...or two...