Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fill in your Own Bad Beat Ending

12 Aug 07

First off, my last day of work was Friday. They put together a really nice pot luck and a lot of people said some really nice things about me. I was pretty overwhelmed. I didn’t get choked up like I’ve seen others do, but I did feel the gravity of the event.

I hope to continue blogging as I prepare to deploy to Iraq, and even when I get there. For now, I leave you with a cleverly disguised bad beat story.

I’m playing a $20 buy-in tournament. There are 45 players and it’s first round action. Two seats to my right is a young maniac who keeps saying, “It’s only $20. I’m all in.” He has been called three times and has shown 8 4, J 2 and the hammer (7 2 off suit)! He’s won all three.

Rather than go all in pre-flop, he chooses to call. I look down at pocket 5s and call as well. There is 300 in the pot. I have 800 behind. The flop is Q Q 4. He checks, I bet ½ the pot. He goes all in. I call, putting him on either nothing or the 4. Turns out it was nothing.

He turns over K 3 for king-high.

How did I get knocked out? I’ll tell you he didn’t spike a king or get running 3s.


msbuss said...

Running Qs?

DrChako said...

That would be evil. I've actually seen a beat that bad (KK vs AQ. Flop was K33. Turn and river were both 3s. Ace kicker played). My beat wasn't quite that bad, but you are on the right track.

skitch said...

Musta been runner-runner pair bigger than 5. Unfortunately, 3-pair is only powerful in Pai-gow.

DrChako said...

Bingo. Running 10s to be exact. I'm so numb to it now that I just smiled and wished everyone luck as I walked away.