Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

16 AUG 07

I grew up with Mr. Rogers, and I can still hear him singing this ditty. I was singing it tonight in the casino as I waited to hear if my name was drawn for the $5000 per hour give away to frequent poker players (I wasn’t called). Here are the people in my neighborhood (the Muckleshoot casino).

Thousand Mile Stare

This guy was about 50, black and had an unlit cigarette jutting straight out from his lips. He was just coming into the casino as I was leaving and it was obvious that the lights and sounds triggered the correct Pavlovian response in his brain. He was home.

The Crying Lady

This was a white female with big hair in her mid-50s. What struck was that she was crying while coming INTO the casino from the parking lot. Away demons!

Hot Crossed Buns

This was the 20-something who was railbirding her boyfriend for the last 3 hours. She finally thought they were done, but as her tattooed honey was reaching for his 5th re-buy, she stormed out of the poker room. Play halted at every table she passed so the players could stare at her gloriousness. Remember guys, no matter how hot she is, someone, somewhere thinks she’s a bitch.

Dapper Floor Dude

Okay. This one was Ryan in his new role as floor walker. It’s actually a pay cut from dealing, but if that’s the price you pay to become a full-time dealer, so be it. I’m still waiting on some killer blog posts about your new role. Any good fights?

Generally Nice People

In a poker room? Is this possible? Actually, it is. Most dealers and many players know me and my story quite well. Tonight as I talked with Peter, Ryan, Heather (she’ll always be “Triple-H” to me), Mary, Dave and Judy I realized that good people are everywhere. They all wished me good luck and a safe return from Iraq.

Here’s hoping their wishes come true.


Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Kevin (dealer at the Muckleshoot/pitgames) and I played in the 4/8 game with you on Tuesday and it was the one right before you left just so you know. I thought it was you in the three seat. I was in the 9 seat. But I just wanted to wish you luck in Iraq. I didn't want to embarrass you and talk about your blog. But take care.

DrChako said...

I appreciate that. I used to keep it a secret, but a whole bunch of folks know about the blog now. Next time stop by and say hello!

Ryan Kirk said...

Choppy, is that you posting on Dr. Chako's blog? Wow, I didn't know you were a reader. Let alone a reader of the Doc's blog. ; )

Anyways, thanks for the kind words Doc! I finally updated my blog and there's even a nice little story on there about one of my encounters while on the floor. Every day of work is an adventure at the Muckleshoot!

Kerri Miller said...

We've crossed paths a few times, but I've never said anything - no knocking the tank and all that.. but take care in the sandbox.