Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Penn and Teller Prove the Existence of Sheep

8 AUG 07

Watch this video. I totally would have signed. Not because I don’t know what the substance is (I AM a physician after all), but the petitioner is totally hot.

For my RSS readers, here is the link:


Editors Note: It's a sad day folks. That lying cheat Barry Bonds broke the home run record. This is just one more reason why I am boycotting Major League Baseball. The world is looking at us, folks.

"Cheat to win." That's the message.


TripJax said...

Wow...that's crazy...

Anonymous said...

Regarding Bonds, not a big fan of his but something to think about that a bud ran by me: Back in Hank Aaron and Babe Ruths day, they never did testing for perfomance enhancing drugs.