Friday, August 03, 2007

Poker Content!

3 AUG 07

An actual hand history. I’m pretty sure you won’t see this one on other blogs.

It’s 15/30 and an extremely loose table. 5 and 6 way action is the norm. The pattern is an early raise and multiple callers.

UTG, you look down at As-Jc. Not a great hand, so I can certainly understand the argument to throw this away, especially at this table. Figuring it’s the best hand, you raise to $30.

But wait! You totally forgot that this is a kill-pot. This next hand is 30/60, so all you did was call. Moron.

Now the table kicks into high gear. You get re-raised by a tight player and capped by the loosest player at the table. 3 more callers (all calling $240 cold!), and it gets back to you. You have to call three more bets here to see a flop ($180).

What do you do?

Follow up. The flop is 4c-4s-5c. What do you do now?


Daddy said...

Preflop = fold.
Postflop = grab a beer.

Anonymous said...

When it comes back to you for 2 bets, you fold. Even if you initially raised and it's 2 bets back to you. Your hand is toast.


Anonymous said...

I fold too, especially since it was the tight player who raised. You're up against, at the very least, one or more better aces and pocket pairs. Plus you're out of position. It's not a hand that's usually going to play well, even if you like the flop.

But assuming you called, based on the follow up, I check the flop hoping it checks around. Fold if there's a bet and raise. Maybe, maybe, possibly, crying call for one bet if you're closing the action. But I'm still not sure what card you're hoping for on the turn.

DrChako said...

You are all partly correct.

The correct answer is two parts:
1. Fold without hesitation.
2. Get up and leave.

If you weren't paying attention enough to realize it was a kill pot, you shouldn't be at the table.

In this actual hand, I folded and left with a small win.

Anonymous said...

Why get up and leave?


DrChako said...

If you aren't paying attention, you probably should be doing something else.