Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Wonder if He Left Already?

29 AUG 07

Nope folks, I’m still here. Sorry for the lack of posting, but it turns out there is a lot to do before you go to Iraq. I got all my shots this week. The Anthrax shot hurts like a bitch. There are actually 5 more Anthrax shots in my near future, too.

I updated my Will and completed 8 different general and special Powers of Attorney for my wife and family. I checked my glasses (it will be weird not wearing contacts – strictly verboten), and made sure I have special glasses that go into my gas mask, should the need arise.

This was strange. I had to fill out a form that gives someone information on my background like where I went to high school and what the mascot was. This presumably makes it easier to locate me if I’m captured. I even needed to come up with a “stress word.” I use it if I’m captured and unable to tell someone I’m under duress. I’m supposed to work it into casual conversation. It feels very James Bond. I have very strong doubts that the people who are attempting to free me will know where to find this information.

Now comes the hard part. My family is taking me to the airport in Seattle Friday morning. Goodbyes are tough. Thank goodness for my new webcam!


AlCantHang said...

Good luck sir. Stay safe.

Unknown said...

Good luck Doc. Just had a close friend complete his 18 month Iraq deployment.

Get home safe.

Anonymous said...

Good luck man and get home soon and safe.

katitude said...

keep your head down and come back safe n sound Doc!

Mellon said...

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much, come home safe!

John G. Hartness said...

Stay safe, my friend. We'll all see you soon.

And thanks for serving.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Have a safe journey my friend.

Pauly said...

Be safe. And take lots of pictures.

Unknown said...


All the worries in the world seem nothing when anyone looks at what YOU are getting into. Thank You for your service, thank you for your honor and love of this country.

God Bless You and Safe Travels to and from.

Dial a shots are always welcomed from you :-). Keep in touch and let us know if you need anything, bacon, decks of cards, Waffles to come over and play WOW with you.


Stay safe my friend!

DrChako said...


I am blown away. I don't do what I do for thanks or praise. Your words mean everything.

See you all next year!

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself over there Chako.

See you on the cardtable when you get back.


StB said...

Good luck and thanks for your service. Be strong, be safe. Be proud. And please let others know we haven't forgotten about them

My prayers are with you.