Thursday, November 08, 2007


I have been playing guitar my whole life. At home, my best audience is my oldest son. I literally play guitar for him every night at bedtime (well, I did before I left for Iraq). I really miss playing for him and I miss my guitar, a Martin D-28 (feel free to ooh and ahh). I have no guitar out here, but there are many people who do. They either brought them over, bought there here in the local shop (these guitars suck) or they got them through something called Operation Happy Note. I requested a guitar from the Happy Note folks as well. If they come through, I think I will have found a charity I can totally get behind. Free musical instruments for deployed service members? That's one helluva good idea!

While I wait, I trade some playtime for guitar lessons. I actually have 4 students right now in various stages of learning. I use the same teaching style I learned from my dad. Teach them something that sounds good and they will want to keep playing it. Don't press. Compliment liberally. It's quite effective.

Well, I was paid the highest compliment a guitar teacher can get. One of my students is from Puerto Rico, and she wanted to learn a couple songs in Spanish. Having 6 years of Spanish lessons and an ear for guitar music made this pretty easy for me. Last night, a bunch of us were sitting around after our Wednesday night poker game and she picked up the guitar to show off a bit. One of her friends, someone who has played guitar for over 8 years, was quite impressed and asked how long she had been playing. I was bursting at the seams and answered for her.

Prior to last week, she had never picked up a guitar.


The NL Wife said...

You play wonderfully - glad you can teach that way too.

At least you're a better guitar teacher than golf teacher.

Love you anyway.

The Wife

BamBam said...

Just like driving a stick shift, a man should never teach his wife golf! Nothing good can come from it.

This was a great story Doc.

I love the idea of that charity. I'll be looking for something similar here in the North.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm... Did someone say he needs a guitar?


The NL Wife said...

You know, IT, that is a reasonable idea - Doc won't be the only one who benefits - and then I can take it off my list.

Get the bloggers to donate to the music.

And Bam Bam, he's actually better at teaching me to drive a stick shift than he is golf.

The Wife

BamBam said...

Tell me what you need from us...

We'll help get the guitar there anyhow possible.

To the Wife.... I can only speak from experience... I can teach anyone golf, I can teach anyone stick.....

'cept Pebbles. :o(

I think one day when all is well in Chakoville again... (meaning your home safe and sound) I see an annual family challenge in our future. I am a legit 9 hcp, Pebbles is a 14. I might be able to work out some form of stroke equity. Like we could give you 1 stroke a side.
lol.... ;o)

SirFWALGMan said...

If you could teach ME to play Guitar THAT would be a miracle.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you may have a guitar or two coming your way, bro! Sweet! You and your counterparts over there in the sandbox can enjoy the insturments. Since I am unable to get a guitar over here, (at least I have not seen one yet), I simply made a donation to Operation Happy Note using the link in your blog. Felt really good about it too. Sounds like an awesome charity!

911siren said...

Hey Brother!!

What a fabulous posting! I too just made a donation to Operation Happy Note. Thanks for including the link!

I just love that you get to play and teach guitar while in the midst of the poop of war. It made my heart swell.

Love you,
Sister Michele (not a nun)