Friday, November 23, 2007

Stories from Iraq

First of all, thanks for all your well-wishes on Turkey Day. It's a tough time to be away from home, especially since my honey was under the weather. I can't cook, but I sure can make up some chicken soup in an emergency. Get better soon, please.

Next, I just wanted to share a quick story from the cover of the Army Times today. As you know, we are helping rebuild Iraq so they can defend themselves in the future. We pretty much destroyed their Air Force during the initial assault. Well, they are back and better then ever. In fact, the cover of the paper shows an Air Force commander observing an Iraqi pilot check his new fighter plane.

A Cessna 172.

For you non-pilots out there, here is a picture:


TenMile said...

It is a very good primary trainer, Doc. One huge advantage is side by side seating.

We used it for years in our services. Good weight to lift to power; serves well as a primary instrument trainer. Doesn't spin all that well, but is a solid aircraft. Even inverted.

Unknown said...

Especially Inverted.

Don't ask me how I know...


Have a GREAT Shopping Day in Iraq.

Sorry, too sarcastic for even me.

Have a wonderful day Doc!

BamBam said...

You uuuhhhh.....
might want to get a few of those fine American engineers to uuuhh..

Rig that thing fore sand landings.

Specially inverted ! lol.

Be safe !