Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rant Day

Rant 1: I have a mandatory 4 hour on-line training course called Ethical Medical Treatment of Detainees. These damned detainees get far better treatment then you can possibly imagine. If they receive any unethical treatment, it's probably because some soldier was pissed off at having to do a 4 hour class on how to be ethical.

Rant 2: I have a Norelco electric razor. Don't ask me which model because I've long since forgotten. A little red light has come on telling me it's time to change the blades. The problem, of course, is that I'm in Iraq. There are no replacement blades here. The bigger problem is that the stupid red light sucks out the charge from the cordless razor and I don't have enough outlets to keep it charged all the time. I contacted Norelco's online help desk and they told me to switch the blades around to see if that makes the light go off (it didn't). They also suggested letting the charge run out and trying again (the light is still on). I will never buy another Norelco product. Piece of shit. I'm back to shaving with regular blades again.

Rant 3: I go to the gym every day, 7 days a week. I've done it for the entire time I've been here. There is a young girl from Macedonia that works behind the desk. She's very friendly and flirts with most of the young soldiers in the gym. I usually just say hello before starting my workout. Well, lately she has gotten more friendly. It was to the point where I actually asked someone if she was flirting with me (you'd think I'd know if I was being flirted with, but you can ask my wife, I'm clueless). My young Macedonian friend made her position quite clear yesterday. She came up to me, smiled, and said, "You come to the gym everyday. How come you don't have any muscles?"


The NL Wife said...

Tell her you have a big muscle.

I meant your brain.

And you don't need muscles when you have a nice retirement account!

The Wife

PS: She probably was flirting - you are clueless.

StB said...

She sooooo wants you!

Unknown said...

If only I'd get the same reactions to my spreadsheet making abilities in Accounts Payable.

Anonymous said...

Poker players aren't used to hard work so it stresses the system into shock.(No muscles)

Anonymous said...

You and dad are both clueless when you are being flirted with. No doubt she was flirting. Muscles or not. Two which, might I add in sisterly fashion, ick.

911siren said...

I agree, she was flirting...but she sucks at it!

Can I send you new razor blades for your crappy norelco? Will they make it through to you?

Sister Michele (not a nun)

Anonymous said...

Being clueless and a doctor, I have to ask...

Did she get an hour lecture on the various body types common to homo sapien along with your Powerpoint presentation that got you that A you're so proud of that you had kept handy on the laptop from med school days? ...just in case you might need it to impress a decedent of Alexander.