Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Something Happened

Jeez, sometimes I hate this forum. We are prevented from talking or writing about certain things. Make no mistake, I completely agree with the policy. Some things are better off kept quiet. That's unsatisfying to you, I'm sure. People want to know. If fact, many (especially you journalists) feel you deserve to know. Heck, you demand it!

A bunch of us are watching Battlestar Gallactica. There has been some really excellent writing, and I especially enjoy the interaction between the President of the Colonies and the military. Remember that episode where Colonel Tigh was in charge and he needed supplies? He used the military to get them and things got out of control. That must really suck.

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Unknown said...

One day at a time Doc.

Just take it one day at a time. Almost home my friend!

What can we get ya or the crew. I have a ton of people who are donating to the "Send Doc a Box campaign"

And this time it will be better than the last thrown together box! I promise.