Monday, December 22, 2008


This will be remembered as the Epic Storm of 2008. It will even be recalled with capital letters.

I've never heard of an airline just shutting down, at least not in the Pac Northwest. Don't they realize it snows here? OK, I'll admit it's more known for the rain, but this is just nuts. I was supposed to be on-call at the hospital starting last night, but that's a bit difficult when you are standing on a 4-hour line at LAX waiting for the pushy Chinese guy in the VIP line to stop butting in front of everyone to ask if someone is going to get his bags. I'm rarely confrontational, but when he said to Carol, our overworked and overtired agent, "I've been waiting for 20 minutes!" I replied, "I've been waiting for 4 hours, so back off." I may have even squared up a little. Don't mess with The Doc when he has to pee.

After I calmed down (and got someone to take my call for me), I realized that being stranded means another couple of days at Disneyland with the family.

Things could be worse.


Anonymous said...


Why are you flying out of LAX? John Wayne is much easier.


DrChako said...

2 reasons:

1. I've only been to LA 2 other times and I have little experience with it.
2. The Wife booked the trip.

Now, someone please tell me what to do with the family when Disney is rained out!


Anonymous said...

Shoe shopping?

Bet it was already mentioned though...