Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Biggest Cash

Perhaps I should have said, "In the money in a tournament with the most number of entrants in my online poker career," but that wouldn't fit as a title. Okay, so it was only $1.60, but it's a cash in a tournament with over 1000 entrants, darn it. And this after playing 10 games of racquetball! Allow me to bask in my moment of glory, please.


KenP said...

Let the drums roll out
Let the trumpet call
While the people shout
"Strike up the band"

Hear the cymbals ring
Callin' one and all
To the martial swing,
Strike up the band

There is work to be done, to be done
There's a war to be won, to be won
Come, you son of a son of a gun,
Take your stand

Fall in line, yea a bow
Come along, let's go
Hey, leader, strike up the band!

PrinceofHouston said...

A bunch of us at Texas Tech tried to play 4 games of racquetball in one afternoon. We had booked courts for 4 consecutive hours. We survived the games, but found we couldn't walk up the stairs back to our rooms in the dorm.
You played 10? 10? I give you a 10!

KenP said...

The Committee has met.

The statue is out due to current economic conditions.

We propose the following:

1. Nomination to the Poker Hall of Fame

2. Obtaining seat in next Tournament of Champions

The committee will now retire to the bar for refreshments as soon as we can grab Doc's credit card. Damn The Wife grabbed it to go buy shoes to celebrate his win.

OhCaptain said...

Well done sir!

BamBam said...

AHA !!!!!!!!

Finally..... A HUGE difference!

Raquetball? Really, RAQUETBALL?

I'm a Squash man myself. There's something to be said for required skill at the speed of Raquetball of course, but I equate it to winning coin flips in Poker.


Unknown said...

Way to go.

Shouldn't the wife have to buy you a Ferrari now?


BWoP said...

Wooo hoooooo!

Unknown said...

I'm usually ready for nap after game 3 of racquetball.

If you're playing low limit tourneys tomorrow night, look me up (Yahoo IM: hrking275)

Anonymous said...

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Memphis MOJO said...

woot, a ca$h is a ca$h.