Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Things

  1. The lastest issue of Truckin' is out. Go read. I loved the short from Johnny Hughes.
  2. The Wife and I are hosting a poker game this Saturday. What is your excuse for not coming?
  3. Speaking of The Wife, she said some nice things about me. 'Bout time.








The NL Wife said...

You'd better be kidding. You whose blog post consists of merely linking multiple other blogs today.

DrChako said...

Hey - it's hard work creating all these links. I'm like a mini-Iggy! Which is hard to do, really, because he's already short. If I'm mini-Iggy, you might not even be able to see me, which would make it even harder to create these posts.

Wait... where was I going with this?


Pauly said...

Thanks for the plug.