Saturday, June 27, 2009


No, not Spamalot. Camelot!

Not a silly place

From Wikipedia:

is the most famous castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur.

It's also strongly associated with JFK:

The charisma of Kennedy and his family led to the figurative designation of "Camelot" for his administration, credited by his wife...

That's how some have referred to my situation. It's certainly the face I present to the world, both here in the blog and in person. For the most part it's true. I really do have a great life. Sure, I've tried to screw it up a few times, but the foundation is too strong to let a moron like me crack it so easily.

I have no intention of letting you see all the way behind the curtain, but let's just say that over the last year, we've been tested more than any other time in our nearly two decades together. In fact, the test really began around the time I was preparing to leave for Iraq. The stress of that time, coupled with the crazy hours The Wife had to keep, plus the death of my Father, my return home, her losing her job... well, you get the idea.

It's easy to "work it out" when you can easily define the problem. Despite being a fairly intelligent couple (ok, she's much smarter than me, but dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a vice president!), we were not able to do so. For the first time, a space began to open between us. Over the last year, it widened to a chasm and threatened to consume us both. Let me put it this way - I was actually looking forward to The Wife moving to California without me. It's hard to type that even now. Read it again. That's crazy talk, right?

We seemed to turn a tiny corner when we went to Vegas several months ago. It was a little spark, but you have to keep blowing on the ember, and we didn't. I don't think we tried very hard. There were other sparks, too. I wrote about some of them on Facebook and here. In the midst of all this, The Wife officially moved out. I got a charge out of it when people asked how I was doing. "Good," I replied. "My wife just moved out."

It's true. The Wife is now a California resident and just "visits" us here in Washington. She's here this week in fact. This coincided nicely with the Entrepreneur of the Year awards, a black tie event we go to every year with her old firm, Ernst & Young. It was a little strange going this year because she doesn't work there anymore. Well, I'll let you in on a little secret since you've read this far - we are not above gloating. Damn right - she's a Vice President now, bitches!

I could really delve into some of the changes we've seen this week, but I won't. I'll leave you with this. We are better. In fact, we are getting better by leaps and bounds. My love for her has never been stronger. I will grow old with this woman if she's continue to put up with me.

Can you blame me?


The Sister said...

Isn't that really what Camelot truly is? I love you both. And I would hate to have to choose between you two. But if I did, I'm pretty sure you'd lose, bro. Hee hee!!!

KenP said...

Not sure of the plot but I'm a sucker for happy ending!

Modern life has its added pressures. You guys have already beat the odds.


Bot a yaz...

Chop the pot and play small ball for a while. Lord knows you've both been all-in enough times of late.

TenMile said...

The best to both, Doc.

BamBam said...

Something a little bizarre I know but, I think I saw this coming.

So what you're saying is, you just realized that your glass has always been a tad over half full.

Sometimes growing old bites. Growing wise however, just seems to run in our "family."

Best post ever written on this section of the intertubes... IMHO.

Well done brudder. I don't know two others that have been through so very much yet ultimately, handled it all so well.

John G. Hartness said...

Marriage is hard. Even without the stresses of recent history for you two. Glad you're getting better. You're good for each other. Love you both. Sincerely,I do love you both.


Shrike said...

Nope, can't blame you. I hope California agrees with you once you get down there full-time.


The NL Wife said...

Glad you still love me.

DrChako said...

Never stopped. Always will.


Riggstad said...

I don't even know what to say other than I'm a little jealous. And now pissed... or maybe sad.

You both have put this little blogging thing to use as sort of a therapy tool for your own relationship.

I think that's awesome.

Now how do I achieve the same results with my F'n Hawt wife?

SirFWALGMan said...

Glad you two are doing better. I look up to you guys as a relationship that works. Do not fail me.

If it doesn't work out Doc you can come live in my bachelor pad in Boston with the 15 cats.. yeah, that's so gonna be me, the cat lady..

The Wife is welcome to come if Doc turns me down!!

KenP said...

Hey, Riggs

I can solve your problem with one word:


It is really f'n hawt now!

BWoP said...

You may find this funny, but I've always thought of you two as one of those "perfect married couples."

As a realist, I know that nothing is ever perfect.

But the two of you are pretty damned close.


Unknown said...

I've finally decided to let it flow and see what happens versus trying to "fix" everything.

Marriage is funny like that. Congrats you two :)