Monday, June 08, 2009

They Passed!

As many of you know, not only am I a physician, but I'm also a teaching chief in a large residency. It's a 4 year residency and we have 5 doc per year. In order to be a board certified radiologist, you need to pass 3 boards: Physics, Writtens and Orals.

Before I got to my hospital, they had a pretty poor pass rate. Since I've been here, it's been 100%. I was a little nervous this year, but I just found out that once again, everyone passed! I'd like to think I had a small part in their success. It sure did feel good this morning when they each came to me and told me how much they appreciated all my teaching over the last 4 years.

Well done guys!


Wes said...

Well done, Doc.

BamBam said...

Be proud you should.
Interested in their future you are.
Making a difference you do well.
Not too big headed you should get.

Said in my best Yoda voice of course.

OH and..... The Wife had me throw in that last point!


I'd ride the Canadian, American and/or ? highways and biways as your Wingman Brudder. Just remember once we get to the bars though, I'll be needing a Wingman
of my own!

SirFWALGMan said...

Perhaps the wife would let you get one of these:

DrChako said...

I've seen those before - they are hysterical. I want one.