Saturday, February 25, 2006

Donkeys Always Draw

25 SEP 05

First off – big shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Skitch. It was great finally meeting you. Of course, I had a hard time finding Mrs. Skitch because she was hidden behind a huge mound of chips. Do you give lessons?

My game was pathetic. Although I only lost $80, I played too long and should have lost the whole thing. The night found me all-in (at friggin’ 4/8!!) 4 times. I lost with KK and 10 10, but won with K6, K3 (twice), 10 2 and 4 5. What the hell am I playing those hands for, you ask? Perhaps I was in the blind? Nope. Just me being a moron, thanks.

That being said, there is an argument (albeit a weak one) that starting hand range should have been MUCH wider at this table, because if you caught a hand, you would be paid handsomely for it. I dragged 4 pots over $100, but obviously lost my share of big pots, too.

Still, this was my first time back after starting my new business and my self-imposed exile from the 10/20 game at the Muckleshoot. My reads were perfect and my post flop play was good but for two call-downs when I knew I was beat. I tried to justify them by saying to myself that I was proving I couldn’t be intimidated, but all I was really proving was that I could be a donkey, just like the rest of them.

Case in point. I have 5 10 of diamonds in the cutoff seat. Clearly a calling hand, (go with me here) right? The flop is Ks Js 2d. There are three callers in front, so I call. My thought here is I’ll stay to see if a Queen or diamond come on the turn.

What a moronic play. There. I saved you from having to post it in the comments.

Turn: 7d

4 callers (including me) see the river:

Ace of diamonds.

Now I bet. No point in slowplaying, because I’ll get at least two callers. Sure enough, the button calls with two pair and I drag the pot.

It felt weird to be on the receiving end of the “you stupid moron” speech. I got the full treatment, including, “what did you like about that flop (you idiot)?” and “what the hell were you doing in there with 5 10, anyway?”

But they were soooooted!!

Yes!! I finally got to say it.

Final thought: Do you think there is any correlation between the fact that I lost money, and played so many stupid hands?

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