Saturday, February 18, 2006

Taking a Break

18 FEB 06

I thought I could handle the bad beats. Financially – no problem. Emotionally – well, that’s a whole different ball game.

I didn’t tilt last night, but I did two things that are unforgivable in the poker world. First, I allowed myself to be affected when a moron sucked out on my pocket 10’s with his K5 to go runner-runner straight. I didn’t open up my starting hand range (the usual manifestation of my tilt), but I steamed for the next hour. I think it was my steaming that caused sin #2.

Chuck is a rock. He’s about 75 years old and he walks with a cane. He’s a bit crotchety, but most of the regulars respect him. He’s capable of an occasional tricky play, but he’s usually got you beat if he stays to the river.

He’s SB and I’m BB. The pot is raised. He calls and I complete with my K7 hearts. The flop is AQ6 with the Ace and 6 both hearts. Cool – nut flush draw. Chuck checks and so do I. Unbelievably (especially for this table), it checks around and we see the turn.

4 of hearts. Sweet.

I check the nuts. It checks around to Chuck who bets. I smooth call to milk out of few more bets from the morons at the other end of the table. 4 callers see a blank river and an unpaired board.

Chuck bets. I raise. Fold. Fold. Chuck re-raises.


My first thought is, sweet! I got one over on Chuck!

Cap it!

Chuck calls and flips over…

A9 of hearts.

As they push him the pot, I shoot up and say, “Wait! I’ve got the nuts!”

No sir, you have the second nuts. I misread the board. Badly. The Ace on the board was a diamond, and the Queen was the heart. I had the King-high flush, but I thought I had the Ace-high flush.

Big pot go bye, bye.

So does Dr. Chako.

I’m taking a break from poker for a while to reassess my game. I know my strong suits are tournaments and NL ring games. Limit has been kicking my ass for too long, and it must stop. Taking a break is the only +EV thing I can do right now. Besides, the business thingy I eluded to last month is starting next week.


Oh yeah, an update on the saga at work. My tech had a complete psychotic break, complete with hysterics and extreme paranoia. Fortunately, I was the only one she would listen to. I got a call from her early this morning, and convinced her to go to the Emergency Room. I called the ER in advance, and they are expecting her. One of my soldiers is escorting her there personally. I sincerely hope she gets whatever help she needs.

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