Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This I Believe

8 FEB 06

NPR does a segment called “This I Believe.” Sometimes it’s corny, but they have a lot of essayists to choose from, and they usually pick a good one. The one from Monday was excellent. Here is a link to the article. My suggestion – don’t read it. Click on the Listen button. Don't worry, it's only 5 minutes long. It’s especially important to listen to the very end.

Here is a description of the contributor:

Mel Rusnov is a civil engineer in Woodbury, Conn. Her love of music came from her father who played in a Croatian folk group and took her to concerts in their hometown of Cleveland. Rusnov also enjoys tutoring high school students in math.

An exerpt:

“I believe we are more than the inhabitants of our cubicles... I believe we are transformed and connected by the power and beauty of our creativity.”

My thoughts: At the end of the piece, they asked Ms. Rusnov if they could record her playing, and she obliged. I have heard this Mozart Sonata done by numerous masters. It’s one of my favorites. Ms. Rusnov is not an expert. Her timing is off and she clearly displays her amateur status here. Yet, why did I find myself crying? Go listen for yourself. It’s pure beauty.

While you are at it, head on over to Whiskeytown. He’s put up some original music, and it’s quite good. I’m no expert (I’ve only been playing guitar and singing for 34 years), but he’s got a soulful voice and a Seattle-esque quality that is part Neil Young and part Rob Lumbard (don’t worry – you’ve never heard of Rob Lumbard unless you live in Iowa, and that’s a crime).

I’m digging the harmonies. You will, too.


Silvastorm said...

On the update of Mad Hatter Tech, Good Job! You did what needed to be done. Continue to follow through. If she has a birthday coming, buy her a gift. Perhaps a straightjacket. On second thought, flowers might be nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Mel Rusnov, the writer of the This I Believe essay you mentioned. Yep, I'm an amateur pianist and I butchered that beautiful Mozart Sonata--your keen ear for music sure picked that up! But, your comments on the message in the essay and the way it made you feel were lovely and generous. Many thanks!

Rob Lumbard said...

I'm humbled by the your comment about my music.
Thank You!
Rob Lumbard