Friday, February 24, 2006

Blogging Because I Have To

24 FEB 06

Seems silly, but I feel this strange obligation to put something up here, even though I have nothing to say. I have played no poker since I last blogged. I’ve got a tournament lined up this weekend, and I plan on hitting the loose PJ Pockets tables some time soon, but I’m in a funk. Work has become un-fun. I know that seems obvious, but I usually look forward to coming to work.

The home business I started is looking promising, but I’ll need a big jump in bandwidth to keep it alive. Can’t say much more than that. Frustrating.

My big poker goal looks like it’s getting shelved for a while. That’s bumming me out, too.

My gazebo blew over in the wind last night and self-destructed. Unrecoverable. Tangled mess of wrought iron and fabric.

My bathroom shower is still leaking. The contractor was there today and said his guys installed the weep holes on the wrong side. It’s nowhere near as bad as Dawn, but still…

Maybe that’s it. I think my weep holes were installed on the wrong side.

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