Thursday, February 16, 2006

Update on Mean Bosses

16 FEB 06

Thanks guys. As I noted in the comments section yesterday, things seemed to be improving. Here is what I said:

She finally calmed down enough to tell me:

a. She hasn't slept in over 2 days
b. She's lost 9 pounds since I promoted her
c. She has spent most of the last 48 hours crying
d. She didn't call the FDA
e. She found an easy way (with a little help) to fix the problem - as I knew she would

I sent her home with a directive that she get some food and some rest. I told her not to think about work until Friday or Monday. She started crying again and she hugged me and thanked me.

It's not over, but I'm most of the way through the thicket (at least this time).

So, this morning, despite my explicit instructions that she was not allowed to think about work or call us, I got a page from her at 7:25 am. In fact, EVERY MEMBER of my department got a call from her this morning. Her comments were very upbeat, but scattered. She thanked me profusely for caring, and told me that I was the best boss she ever had. Then she gave me an assignment.


She told me (as she told everyone else when she called them) that we had to think of a word that best describes what’s important in life. She’s going to get our responses when she comes in tomorrow, and then tell us the real answer.

I met with the department soon after I got off the phone. They were all very concerned. They are a pretty perceptive bunch, and they all noted that my tech seemed to be decompensating. One even noted that she’s on the verge of a psychotic break.


What I do know is that she’s in trouble. She’s asking for help whether she knows it or not, and that’s exactly what I will try to do. I have arranged for her to see our Occupational Health department before she starts back to work. During that screening, they will ask some routine questions about mental health. If she passes, then she’s back to work.

Something tells me that she’ll have some difficulty passing this test.


Final thought: I blog about poker and get a few responses, probably because I have very little to add to the amazing stuff that’s already out there. I blog about reality, and everyone can relate (and offered some well-reasoned advice, too. Well, except for Darryl). Weird.

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Dad said...

Here is my advice, in no particular order.

Make yourself available to help this woman at all costs.


Get a minimum of 7 consecutive night's sleep of 6-plus hours each.

Spend a little time reviewing your "Video-Game years" and the faraway, disoriented funk that it created.

Hug everyone you can without evoking the Brokeback Shudder.

And lastly, don't fool yourself. Remember that there are plenty of people walking around that are, in fact, certifiably insane. However, a majority of these folks have the amazing ability to convince mental health professionals that the only thing wrong in their lives is their boss!