Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine’s Day Maiming

14 FEB 06

Not quite a massacre, but still…

Dovetailing on the “I’m not showboating” post, I’m forced to admit that I can be a jerk if given the right impetus. Take Mr. “I’ve got plenty of money.” We are playing 10/20. I’m not in the hand, but after the final card is dealt, he checks. There is a bet and he quickly says, “all in for 10.” At this point, he throws two red chips into the pot and turns over the nuts. The MP bettor realizes he’s beat, pulls back two of his red chips (making his bet match the $10 all-in from Mr. IGPOM), and mucks. Well, Mr. IGPOM realizes he still had 4 white $1 chips in front of him and demands the extra $4 from MP.

Table goes nuts. Floor gets called. Ruling:

The “All-In” is binding. Pay the man his $4.

Mr. IGPOM earns his nickname by throwing the $4 back at MP, saying, well, you know what he said. It was the principle of the thing, he said. MP does the only respectable thing and tokes the dealer the $4.

Now forward to my showdown with Mr. IGPOM. I’m in the BB with 9h 4h. Five limpers and we see a pot of 8 10 J with two hearts. I check and there is a bet. Mr. IGPOM raises. I smooth call and 4 of us see the turn.


Sweet. Now I have the flush and the open ended straight-flush draw. I check again (you dog, you). Mr. IGPOM bets, I raise and everyone else folds. He calls. The river is a blank.

Okay. No more Dr. Nice Guy. I bet and stare him down. He pauses and raises. Now, I know he’s got the straight, probably to the king, and absolutely does not put me on the flush.

Now, remember earlier when I said I’m not usually a jerk. Well, it’s time to jerk it up!!

Dr. Chako: Raise? Well, I’ve got the straight, too (which is technically true). I re-raise!

Mr. IGPOM: Cap it!!

I couldn’t call fast enough. I flip over the 9 saying, “there’s my straight.” I wait for his smile when I flip the 4 and say, “and there’s my flush.”

Ooomph. Right in the old gut.

If he wasn’t such a jerk, that would have been much less painful. Part of me wants to feel bad about this.

I’ll get over it.


Heather said...

Bah, when serving justice, guilt is a poor condiment. :)

Matt Silverthorn said...

That was awesome. Well played indeed, both with the cards and the wit.

iamhoff said...

"...guilt is a poor condiment." Outstanding, Maigrey. I must remember that. And Doc, outstanding play. Sticking the knife in somebody who deserves it is great, turning it is the icing on the cake!

Darryl Metcalf said...

What I don't understand is when you check raised he didn't put you on a flush and not a straight. If you had a straight and saw his straight any reasonable (good) poker player would have put you on a flush. Maybe he should have been playing the 2-4 table.

Heather said...

Dr - As far as I know, this is an original maigrey quote :)